Thanks for your interest in the property located at 222 7th Street, Unit 108, Santa Monica, CA 90402.

Please review all details below.

  • Rental rate – This is an unfurnished lease for two thousand seven hundred fifty dollars ($2,750) per month.
  • Security deposit – One (1) month rent = two thousand seven hundred fifty dollars ($2,750).
  • Fees – Tenant(s) will pay a move-in fee of one hundred fifty dollars ($150) to the Homeowner’s Association. There is also a three hundred dollar ($300) security deposit which will be refunded after the move and no damage has occurred.
  • Availability – The property is available for immediate occupancy.
  • Lease term – The ideal lease term is one (1) year minimum.
  • Utilities – The Owner will cover water, garbage, and gas; electricity and cable will be the responsibility of the Tenant(s).
  • Pets – Sorry, no pets allowed.

If you’re interested in leasing the property, here are the documents to include in your application package:

  • [1]  Bio/Personal letter to the owner.  Tell them a little bit about yourself, what you do professionally, and why you’re interested in leasing this property. 
  • [2]  Application to Rent (download).  Fill out Pages 1 & 2 as legibly and completely as possible.  Please be sure to write in your proposed move-in date, include all contact information and phone numbers requested, and sign/date.  Skip Pages 3 & 4.  Assume that all parties will be contacted.  All applicants over eighteen (18) years of age must complete/sign their own separate form. 
  • [3]  Credit report & FICO score.  If you don’t already possess a current credit report from one of the three national credit bureaus (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion), you may go to whichever reputable website you prefer (e.g., MyFico.com) and pull your full credit report/score.  It’s a quick download with credit card payment.  Please be sure to save the entire report as a PDF.  Again, each applicant must submit their own report/score. 
  • [4]  Verification of income.  The two (2) most recent paystubs/paychecks that you’ve received.  Alternatively, other documents (e.g., employment letter, deal memo, tax return) may be submitted.  If you’re self-employed or do not currently receive a regular paycheck, please explain how you intend to pay rent in your bio/letter.
  • [5]  Verification of funds.  The two (2) most recent bank statements (checking and/or savings accounts) that show your name/address, balance, and date on the same page (these numbers should approximately match what you have written on your application).  There should be enough funds to cover first month’s rent and the security deposit at minimum.  Account numbers may be redacted. 
  • [6]  Identification.  Copy of your driver’s license(s) or passport(s).

Please scan and e-mail your completed application package to Nina@RedXRealEstate.com.


Private showings will be scheduled with qualified prospective tenants only.

If you’d like to view the property in person, please email Nina@RedXRealEstate.com and include the following:

  • [A] Your first/last name.
  • [B] Your phone number.
  • [C] Your desired day/time to view the property.
  • [D] Verification of income (Application item [4] noted above).
  • [E] Verification of funds (Application item [5] noted above).
  • [F] Pages 1 and 2 of the Coronavirus Property Entry Advisory and Declaration (C.A.R. Form PEAD [download]) initialed, signed, and dated by all individuals that will be entering the property.

Strict adherence to the Mandatory Government Showing Requirements, Including Best Practices Guidelines and Prevention Plan (C.A.R. Document BPPP [download]), as well as use of protective gear (e.g. masksgloves) is also required.

Please feel free to call [310.600.5673] or email me [Nina@RedXRealEstate.com] if you have any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you.